Photonic Materials
Soluxra's electro-optic polymers have superior properties, enabling high speed data processing and communications in next-generation devices. These materials have large bandwidth capacity and low energy consumption, while offering excellent operational reliability. They are CMOS process compatible and adaptable for large-scale photonic integration.

  • switches
  • modulators
  • optical chip-to-chip interconnects
  • couplers
  • sensors
  • waveguides
Key Features
  • Large electro-optic coefficients, up to 200 pm/V at telecommunication wavelengths
  • Low optical loss and tunable refractive index range
  • Solution- and/or imprinting- processable
  • Exceptional compatibility with suitable cladding polymers, silicon slot waveguides, and/or other materials and substrates in the system
  • Excellent thermal and mechanical properties over broad temperature range